Blackfaced Vervet Adventures originated Not only for safari but also for Volunteers who want to help the community of Tanzania especially street kids, orphans, single others girls and old people, though our research we found out most of the these people suffer a lot from hunger, disease, lack of shelter and education, most of these people are left behind with ought any help, die in hunger and diseases. They live in bad house, in street and no one to take care of them, no food and shelter our plan is to build the center for them to stay with good care of health and food, take the kids to school. So through visiting Tanzania you can be able to see our beauty parks at the same time volunteer in helping them through medications food, education and even shelter! We also work with some orphanage center we are real helping children in education for the better life, most of the orphans are left with their grandmother or grandfather even sometimes left alone with no one to take care of them! So you will not only travel but have some time to engage yourself in the community donate a little something and learn their problem in general. So if you are a volunteer and want to help the community these is the perfect Company for you, but we also welcome all the travelers who want to experience the beauty of our country by visiting the parks, climb the mountain and have the great cultural study!

Blackfaced vervet adventures aims on making a better life for the children and old people even the whole community which they need help! Our work base in research and not only by gesture

Helping Community is what important for us, travel with us to help the community